Are dark kitchens popular?

In modern or contemporary homes, black, gray or mocha is a popular color for kitchen cabinets. Yes, dark kitchen cabinets are all the rage. They are a great choice when they adapt to your personality and the aesthetics of your kitchen. However, dark kitchen cabinets are not the most popular design option for kitchen cabinets, if you look at the number of people who install cabinets of other colors in their kitchens.

Choose a color and finish of the kitchen cabinets that create a kitchen where you love to be, cook and spend time on a daily basis. First, a dark kitchen allows them to set up a new kitchen dedicated exclusively to delivery, without the high capital costs and exorbitant rents involved in opening a traditional restaurant. Interest in two-tone cabinets continues to grow year after year; as a kitchen contractor, you want to provide your homeowner customers with information on emerging trends to help them choose the right cabinet colors for their kitchen. However, as we saw earlier, more people prefer dark kitchen cabinets in their home kitchens than white, gray or beige or any other color right now.

If you want to be “in trend” with your kitchen cabinets, the numbers seem to indicate that you should opt for dark kitchen cabinets (44%).