What is a dark kitchen concept?

It's a rather obscure name given to a place where food is cooked, but don't worry, it's not what it seems. A dark kitchen is a kitchen in which food is cooked like any other kitchen, but the mode of delivery of food is only through online channels. Dark kitchens don't promote the idea of having a dining area. The idea has different names, such as cloud kitchen, remote kitchen, virtual kitchen and ghost kitchen.

But it mainly refers to any restaurant or food service that is only delivered through the online channel. Dark kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, are exclusive kitchen concepts that process and produce orders for delivery. There are no tables, chairs, servers, hosts or storefront. Food can only be accessed online or through a mobile application and is delivered to the guest's location.

These new concepts are slowly emerging as a way for companies to boost their businesses while minimizing their operational footprint. Since there are no physical stores, dark kitchens can be flexible with their menu offerings. With minimal “baggage”, operators can adapt to consumer tastes as trends unfold. Dark kitchens, also known as ghost and cloud kitchens, refer to foods that are prepared in separate takeaway establishments instead of in a restaurant.

However, compared to the usual takeaway format, orders are placed online, without the option of having the public enter the facilities. While hot and humid kitchens are nothing new in the restaurant industry, the single element of work in some dark kitchen operations can increase stress and discomfort among employees. With the help of LogiNext, a logistics automation platform, ghost kitchens could bring together different delivery channels on a single platform, making it easier to understand routes and automatically assign orders to delivery people. Collaborating with companies such as LogiNext and Ghost Kitchen could increase your profits better than expected.