Who is the owner of ghost kitchen?

This is what it feels like inside one of the secret places. The co-owner of Zen Yai, Bryan Chunton, said his goal is to operate at Sunnyside Eats in about two weeks and for residents to be able to place their orders. The former CEO of Uber Technologies Inc. has been quietly creating a mini-real estate empire for the past two years, acquiring closed restaurants, body shops and warehouses for use in his new ghost kitchen company.

A permit issued by the city of Milwaukee links the new business to Travis Kalanick's startup CloudKitchens. The Sunnyside Eats building houses ghost kitchens for more than 15 other restaurants, including BKC Coffee, Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens, Oconomi, VegansBeast, Little Meatball and Vezzon Thin Crust Pizza. Ghost Kitchen's management team is comprised of restaurateurs, industry and franchise experts, as well as technology mavericks, serial entrepreneurs and experienced leaders in operations and marketing. Ghost kitchens helped traditional restaurants recover their losses and minimize employee layoffs by allowing them to prepare food for several brands and stay in business.

A serial entrepreneur and experienced franchisor with a vision of driving the explosive growth of Ghost Kitchen Brands. The Sunnyside Eats Zen Yai ghost kitchen will offer many of the original dishes on the menu that made the restaurant a favorite among locals, such as varieties of pho, sauteed noodle dishes, rice and curry bowls. The real company behind the ghost kitchen that is being developed in Downtown has finally been revealed, and it is none other than CloudKitchens, the new startup of the former founder and CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick. Ghost kitchens and the food delivery possibilities they offer are key factors in the continued success of many restaurants.

CloudKitchens is just one of the companies currently competing for dominance in the new ghost kitchen market, and it has locations across the country. Applications filed with the city of Milwaukee call the new ghost kitchen a “virtual dining room” and show that it will have space for more than a dozen vendors.